Andrew Coburn

Five years ago, I blogged about discovering author Andrew Coburn's terrific crime novels and how wowed I was by his books. Today I got this note from his daughter:

This is a pivotal time in Andrew Coburn's life. He is my dad. He's written, I think, 14 novels and though he hasn't stopped writing (been writing lots of short stories published online and in university periodicals), he is struggling with a life-threatening illness. His family is around him, of course, but he needs to be reminded there is life beyond the four walls.That his work has been –and more importantly, still is–his lifeblood. I can forward any mail: Cathleen Coburn; 4 Patricia St, WIndham, NH 03087. My email is Thank you! If his words have inspired you, touched you or mattered in some way, please let your words do the same for him. My father's daughter, Cathy Coburn

If you are a fan of Coburn's work, now is the time to let him know!

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  1. Sadly, I’ve never heard of him, and yet he is a relative of mine as are all of the Colburn/Coburns. Windam, NH. Yes, I’m aware of that line. Our relative/ancestor is in all of the history books, Major Reuben Colburn, the man who financed and built the boats for Benedict Arnold’s attack on Quebec in 1775. This is a story I’ve spent many years writing as a screenplay, nonfiction history and a novella. My own effort got the family home in Pittston, Maine on the National Register of Historic Places.
    A copy of the unpublished book awaits any family member interested. Best wishes.

  2. I haven’t heard of your dad but I’ll remember him in my prayers. I wish him the very best of recoveries and he’s lucky to have you in his life.


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