Back to Owensboro

I'm flying back to Owensboro today to finish up the post-production on REMAINDERED. With luck, I'll have the finished film and all of the elements (original footage, music, audio, project files, time-coded dailies, etc) on a hard-drive or two in my bag when I get on the plane back to L.A. on Monday.

This trip wasn't in the original plan,  but it's proven to be too difficult and time-consuming to edit from afar…and we haven't even started the sound mix and picture adjustments yet. But the guys have been doing great work and I'm confident we can hunker down and finish everything this weekend.  

And that would be fantastic, because the film has to be finished, polished, and audience-ready when I leave for Bouchercon in San Francisco on Oct. 14 …the premiere screening is on the 16th in front of a very influential audience. 



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  1. Go, Lee, go! Charge! Looking good!
    (I’m wondering if you can put together a one-page questionaire for the audience, where their are, say, six questions, and all they have to do is to check the box for an answer, that you could distribute before the showing and have them hand in after it. The pitch is, “help us make this film better.” The six questions could be very specific: “was this scene effective? was this plot point compelling?” and they could have a range of answers from “very” to “not really” to “rather horrible” or so. This way you involve your audience more in the film as they know the questions going in, and it positions you as a film-maker who desires feedback from the audience, which is a good thing.
    Anyway, if you don’t hand out a questionaire, are you dependent upon a few critics for feedback on the movie?)


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