6 thoughts on “Cancelled”

  1. I don’t know how anybody can think that it is acceptable to let people know that they’ve been canned, or will be, in email.
    It’s the equivalent of posting a notice on the bulletin board (does anybody even have a bulletin board any more?).

  2. I have seen worse in the lay-off crazed tech sector (not at my company though thank god). I had a friend who works for a giant tech company and about 3 years ago they called an emergency meeting of apx 400 staff members then handed out envelopes to apx half the staff. They told them not to open them until after the meeting and then said at the close “If you didnt’ get an envelope, you still have a job”.
    I have to admit though, as shitty as this method of delivery was, the Dennis Miller show was worse.

  3. Kitty: me too. I had so far avoided Ariana’s new excuse for celebrity-hood, but a little lack of coffee and a too-quick mouse finger ruined my boycott. One good thing about the blog: it’s caused Marc Cooper to look more silly than usual.


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