Extreme Make-Over

You’ve probably noticed the blog’s new look… it’s been redesigned so it will seamlessly integrate into the all-new websites Heidi Mack has created for LeeGoldberg.com and Diagnosis-Murder.com. The new sites aren’t up yet — they should be ready in a few days to coincide with the publication of DIAGNOSIS MURDER: THE PAST TENSE. I’ll post a giddy annoucement here when they’re live.

8 thoughts on “Extreme Make-Over”

  1. Well thanks to everyone for the nice comments. Paul, I’M the one who likes palm trees, and Lee, nice guy that he is, let me do what I wanted. You could be next you know. Well, after sweet Cornelia Read. Among others.
    Both Lee’s sites are live now, by the way, so go check them out.

  2. I’m taking inspirational credit for the “feel” of this site… the blue hues. And I’m taking the same credit for your old web site design… even though the new one looks better.
    (Actually, Heidi is a genius, but I’m nothing if not self-absorbed)


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