This has to be a prank…

…otherwise it’s just too pathetic. Jan alerted me to this. Someone is selling his novel on ebay to any author, that’s right author, who wants a story to tell…starting bid, $100,000. (Click on the photographs at the left to see a sample of his writing and the cover of his manuscript). My name is Daniel … Read more


Back when I was president of the SoCal chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, some aspiring writers got upset with me for refusing to refer to them as “pre-published” instead. I think it’s a ridiculous term, a lame attempt at empowerment that makes me want to “pre-vomit.” Should we also calling aspiring screenwriters “pre-produced?” … Read more

Scam of the Month 2

Edwin Bush reports on DorothyL that even the critics at a respected publication like Kirkus can be bought… He plucked this incredible offer from the Kirkus website: Looking for Exposure? Need Credibility? Want to get Discovered?Market your book or e-publication to the publishing world’s decision makers!  Since our inception in 1933, premium subscribers have turned … Read more

Scam of the Month

Tom Schantz , well known in book circles for running the RUe Morgue bookshop in Boulder for many years, unearthed this scam from Get your book listed on! Here at we often find ourselves digging out of an avalanche of newbooks. After much consideration, we have decided to offer two new [paid] … Read more

Montgomery’s Law #7

This note about “accuracy” in fiction was posted by David Montgomery on DorothyL… it gave me a smile, so I thought I’d share it with you: Something to remember when it comes to truth in fiction… Montgomery’s Law # 7: “Everyone is dissatisfied when the subject is their own area of expertise. But no one … Read more

Authenticity on Television

On the DorothyL digest, a mailing list for mystery fans, someone wrote: Someone said they couldn’t watch Hawaii because they lived there, and someone else said they couldn’t watch CSI because of all the mistakes. That’s how I feel about medical shows. First, it’s too much like being at work. Second, none of them get … Read more

Gregory McDonald

The previous post about FLETCH got me thinking about the author, Gregory McDonald… and I unearthed this interview I did with him back in the early 80s when I was a UCLA student. Since I haven’t seen him interviewed much, I thought I’d share it with you in its entirety. THE MAN BEHIND FLETCH Irwin … Read more

The Shooting Script

Two copies of THE SHOOTING SCRIPT, the third Diagnosis Murder book, were delivered by UPS today. I was thrilled to get them, of course… but the real shocker was seeing the “sneak preview” of the first two chapters of THE WAKING NIGHTMARE at the end of the book. What was so shocking was I only … Read more

As Primitive As Can Be

Bob Sassone alerted me that Telepictures is now casting for real people to become the fictional characters on Gilligan’s Island… a milionaire and his wife, a movie star, etc… for a new reality series. Here’s the casting call… CALLING ALL CASTAWAYS! Get ready to take a three-hour tour and end up on an uncharted desert … Read more