Ashes Never Lie

The secrets hidden in smoldering ashes hold the fate of a city in an explosive thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg.

Vacant homes in a new housing development are erupting into flames in broad daylight with no apparent cause. It’s a perplexing mystery for dogged arson investigator Walter Sharpe and his restless new partner Andrew Walker, an ex-U.S. Marshal who craves action. 

But as they puzzle over the blaze, another home miles away burns to the ground, leaving a man’s corpse in the ashes and homicide detectives Eve Ronin and Duncan Pavone demanding answers. The burn patterns and the charred body tell Sharpe a bizarre story that only creates more questions for Eve. So the four detectives team up to find the answers. Their investigation into the two, unrelated cases leads to one shocking discovery after another.

Now they must gamble their lives to unmask a brilliant arsonist, crack open a massive swindle, track down a desperate fugitive with a terrifying secret, and race against time to save thousands of people from an agonizing death.

“A clever, complicated story. With its witty banter and well-developed characters, Goldberg’s latest procedural is tailor-made for readers who enjoy shrewd investigators in fast-paced dramas.” Library Journal
“A gripping story that also teaches you a ton about a fascinating subject. The characterization here is wonderfully enjoyable, with the partners and their various associates bantering in ways that’s sometimes hilarious and always reveals the human behind the shield.” FirstClue
Goldberg manages to give each of his four leads their due while keeping the investigation’s fuse burning bright. This series deserves a long life.” Publishers Weekly
Malibu Burning (2023), which launched the Sharpe and Walker series, was an excellent novel; this one’s even better. Goldberg brings a screenwriter’s sense of pace and character to the story, making it a pure pleasure to read. Highly recommendable.” Booklist
“Goldberg is especially good at portraying the dynamics of partners in each of his books, and Ashes Never Lie is no exception.” Deadly Pleasures Magazine

“Lee Goldberg’s smooth and alluring storytelling talent is on fill display in Ashes Never Lie, an irresistible tale of arson, murder and fraud that locks you in early and keeps you riveted to the end. This book is all-gas, no breaks. Including multiple events and dangerous situations that propel the story forward at high speeds with the heat of a five-alarm fire.” Best Thriller Books