Crown Vic

This hand-grenade of pure noir features two, never-before-published crime stories about Ray Boyd, an ex-con traveling the open road in a used, black-and-white, Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. Ray is the anti-Reacher. He doesn’t help people in trouble. He helps himself.

Fair warning, these two violent, sexually explicit stories—”Ray Boyd Isn’t Stupid” and “Occasional Risk”—mark a sharp departure from the police procedurals and fast-moving thrillers that Goldberg is known for, though they feature the same ingenious plotting, colorful characters, and outrageous wit of his best-loved work. They are, as he says in his lively introduction, a test run. If there is an enthusiastic response to the stories, he says that Ray Boyd will be back…

Praise for Crown Vic

“Diamond hard noir. No holds barred, no punches pulled. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had. Clever stories that riff on the classics. Sharp, to-the-point, and briskly-written. More Ray Boyd please, Mr. Goldberg.”
CrimeTime FM

Crown Vic’s stories are a marvelous mash-up of Dan J. Marlowe’s early Earl Drake novels—The Name of the Game is DeathEndless Hourand the erotic thrillers so popular in video stores during the 1990s. But Ray, even with all his failings, is a Lee Goldberg character: observant, witty, at times downright funny—for the reader at least—and a heck of a good escape for all of us drab work-a-day slobs.”

“And here I thought that Lee Goldberg was such a nice boy…I mean, the man wrote episodes of Diagnosis Murder! And its tie-ins! But in Crown Vic, Goldberg unleashes the beast with two violent, sexually explicit and previously unpublished stories that just reek of 1950s pulp paperbacks.”
The Thrilling Detective