You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Hmmmm. This fire could work as the inspiration for an “Eve Ronin” novel or a “Sharpe & Walker”…. or another cross-over of the two series, like my upcoming ASHES NEVER LIE (Sept 2024).

For more than a decade, Rudy Serafin showed up to his makeshift office underneath the 10 Freeway as the sun came out and the roar of the morning commute shook the ground below his feet.

With a generator, his cellphone and a portable toilet, the 49-year-old immigrant from Michoacán, Mexico, worked alongside a dozen others operating small businesses in spaces they rented between the concrete columns holding up the interstate. They were mechanics, truckers, garment suppliers, recyclers and pallet distributors, struggling to get by in the region’s economy. They paid rent to a Calabasas businessman who leased the land from Caltrans and, according to court records filed by the agency, illegally sublet it to them at far higher rates.

On Saturday, many of the renters’ dreams went up in the pallet-fueled inferno that caused such severe damage to the freeway that it is expected to be closed for weeks.

While officials say the cause of the fire was arson, many who worked there, with no fire alarms or sprinklers, say it was a disaster years in the making.

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

  1. OMG the local shit you discover! And I LOVE reading your recreations after the FACTS come out because I LIVE HERE. I’ve bought your books for my friends and family in Malibu (Serra) and Calabasas where Lost Hills took place. We gobbled them up! Another friend’s aging father lived in the trailer park in Topanga on the valley side you sited in your earlier work.
    Frankly, I’ve read so many I forget all the titles BUT I remember every PLACE you site, including all those walking from downtown, cross town after an earthquake.
    Keep writing/I’ll keep reading. I need to get Calico on my kindle. I’ll do it now!

    • That’s great to hear! I will be doing a signing for the DREAM TOWN, the next Eve Ronin novel, at the Calabasas Library on January 16th. Come on by!

  2. I too just Calico and have never read a more enjoyable story. Read many books in my life, this was the best. I was sad to read last page knowing I finished.


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