My Books

The Eve Ronin Series:

Bone Canyon     Lost Hills by Lee Goldberg

The Ian Ludlow Series:

Fake Truth by Lee Goldberg          True Fiction by Lee Goldberg

The Fox & O’Hare Series:

     The Shell Game     The Scam by Lee Goldberg          The Chase          Pros & Cons by Lee Goldberg

The Monk Series:


The Diagnosis Murder Series:



Ella Clah                                                       

The Dead Man Series:

The Dead Man V1                         The Dead Man Volume 6     

The Jury Series:

Judgment     Adjourned     Payback     Guilty     


Unsold TV Pilots by Lee Goldberg     Television Fast Forward by Lee Goldberg     The Best TV Shows That Never Were by Lee Goldberg          


                         Thrillers 100 Must Read     Hollywood versus the Author

Top Suspense: