Destroying the Old Destroyer

My friend Warren Murphy alerted me to the first review of THE NEW DESTROYER #1: GUARDIAN ANGEL, the first Remo Williams title from the series’  new publisher, Tor Books. Warren takes the unusual approach of declaring in this book that the last dozen or so DESTROYERS, which veered sharply from his original vision of the characters, simply "never happened."

7 thoughts on “Destroying the Old Destroyer”

  1. An excellent review for an excellent book. I received an advance review copy as well and the series is not just back on track, it’s full of energy, action and humor. A must read.

  2. Thanks for the info. I had no idea this was coming. Remo and Chiun got me through college way back when, but I’d given up on the series around #80 or so. This just might be exciting.

  3. Thanks to Jerry, who loaned me his advance copy, I’m able to add my kudos. The characters are behaving like themselves again. The biting satire is there; contemporary issues are addressed. In short, The Destroyer is back.


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