FAST TRACK out on DVD Today

My movie FAST TRACK: NO LIMITS is finally available on DVD in the U.S. (the movie was released almost two years ago and has been available since then just about everywhere in the world except here!). I wrote and produced the movie in Berlin at the end of 2007…with an American, British, French and German cast. It was one of the best professional experiences of my life…one I hope to repeat in 2010 by working on another action movie with the same team. Here's the FAST TRACK theatrical trailer:

and if you want to know more about how the movie was made, here's part one of "The Making of Fast Track" documentary.

2 thoughts on “FAST TRACK out on DVD Today”

  1. Whoever put the trailer together did a good job. I was surprised that this wasn’t picked up as a series in several countries. If this does well enough on DVD, will there be a sequel?

  2. I suppose if the DVD did spectacularly well here then, yeah, there could be a sequel. But I think it’s unlikely. The movie did very well theatrically in China, and for a while there was talk of the Chinese financing a sequel, but it didn’t happen.


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