Go After the Parents

Every day there’s a new, sickening revelation in the Michael Jackson case…not about the singer, but about the repugnant parents and guardians of the boys he’s alleged to have sexually abused.  It’s not like the parentsy didn’t know what was going on… in fact, it appears from their testimony that they gladly traded their children for money, jewelry, trips and the opportunity to be near a celebrity. Take the testimony recounted in today’s LA Times story for example. Here are some excerpts:

The mother of a 13-year-old boy who accused Michael Jackson of molesting him in
1993 described how a sobbing and trembling Jackson talked her into allowing her
son to share his bed dozens of times, at home and on vacations to Monaco,
Florida, Las Vegas and New York.

The mother said she refused to let her son sleep with Jackson during earlier
visits to the singer’s Neverland ranch, but permitted him to stay in Jackson’s
room that night. The next day, Jackson took the family to a show and gave the
mother a Cartier bracelet, she said.

For the next several months, Jackson
and the boy were frequent companions, the mother said. The pop star traveled to
the family’s Santa Monica home and slept with the boy about 30 times, she said.
He would leave when the boy went to school and return after school, she said.
She also said she let him sleep with Jackson during unaccompanied visits to
Neverland in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Jackson also continued to shower the
mother with gifts, she said, including more jewelry and a $7,000 gift
certificate to the Fred Segal boutique. He also gave her his credit card to use
on shopping trips, she said.

On Monday, the mother testified that she initially didn’t think there was
anything wrong with her son sleeping with Jackson. She ended up losing custody
of the boy and has not spoken to him in 11 years, she said.

Santa Barbara
County Dist. Atty. Tom Sneddon asked whether she regretted the decision she made
to let her son start sleeping with Jackson. The woman blinked several times,
appearing to fight back tears, before answering: "Very much so."

And she wonders why her son hasn’t talked to her in 11 years… gee, could it be because she pimped him out to an alleged child molester in return for a credit card? What does she miss more, her son or the trips to Monaco?

If Jackson is found guilty, the prosecutors should go after the greedy, disgusting parents of his victim’s…

7 thoughts on “Go After the Parents”

  1. I got three paragraphs into that when I read it on cnn.com. I had to click on something else. It was the first time in a long time I’ve become physically ill reading a news story. That’s not to say I don’t get angry or sad or outraged when something terrible happens, but this made me sick.
    And what happens to the kids later in life? That has got to mess with your head to go through this, then have it put into a media circus.

  2. For once, I totally agree with you. The whole thing is being presented as something Jackson did wrong (as, if it’s true, he did) but nobody seems to be looking at what the parents of these children did – and by their own admittance.
    Blech. Nasty.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Every new revelation makes me sick. As a father of an eight month old little monkey I cannot for the life of me imagine who could motivate someone to sell their child into pverty. Money CANNOT be that tempting. Their has to be something wrong with these people phychologically. Maybe some strange need to be near fame. I don’t know.
    But I said the same thing to my wife the other day. Michale Jackson should have his head examined even if he didn’t do anything just for hanging out with all these freaks!


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