I’m Not Jack Reacher

True Fiction by Lee GoldbergThere’s a great interview with me today in Publishers Weekly about my new book True Fiction, which comes out in just a few weeks. I just wish I hadn’t suggested that I’m celibate! 🙂

Ian Ludlow is me. I wanted to create a character with zero superskills. He’s not Jack Reacher or James Bond. He’s not Navy SEALs, Special Forces, or even a superlover. He’s a writer. He makes stuff up. He has to become a hero. Ludlow is out of shape and doesn’t have sex. He’s anything but the stereotypical super character. He faces danger and runs like hell—until he’s forced not to. The only person in the novel who has special powers is utterly insane.

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    • It’s not the same character. I’ve used the “ian Ludlow” name as my alter ego many times (as my pseudonym writing the MR. JURY books and as a character in DIAGNOSIS MURDER: THE DEATH MERCHANT). I used it again in TRUE FICTION as an inside joke…and for my own amusement.

  1. I just bought True fiction on kindle, it was for free today, for some reason. Sorry for your royalties, Lee! It is exciting to read you in this new series. Friendly, claude

  2. I read True Fiction today; it was one of those “hard to put down ’til it’s finished ” books. Although fiction, it was all too close to what I understand to be true in the areas of technology and government tactics. (Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.) I’m new to your books, but I’ll be back for more. Thanks for an exciting read! Regards, Sandi


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