Mirror Mirror

I hate it when authors use reflecti0ns as a way to describe how their characters look. It always feels lazy and flat. But, for some reason, the horror cliche of having an image suddenly appear in a mirror never seems to lose its shock value. Just take a look at this:

Thanks to Alex Epstein for the link.

4 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror”

  1. Don’t dismiss the power of the reflection. On my mother’s 60th birthday, I flew across the country and popped into the ol’ homestead to surpise her. During a gathering I meant to step out from a room and say “Happy Birtday mom, I love you!” But instead, before I could, she prematurely caught my reflection in a mirror, assumed I was a prophetic apparition of my own death, and she collapsed. Naturally I was horrified, and momentarily thought that I had caused the end of her. She’s now 77. Whew.


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