My Space on MySpace

I have no idea what MySpace is or how to use it or why I should be part of it… but I have bowed to peer pressure and I am there with a cross-posting of this blog. Please be my friend, whatever the heck that means in MySpaceSpeak…

9 thoughts on “My Space on MySpace”

  1. I created a MySpace space just so I can be your friend … by having a MySpace space, I suddenly feel a lot younger than I really am!

  2. I’d suggest updating the bio to reflect that THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE is out.
    And it’s just me, but I’d recatagorize the TV shows, with MONK as a whodunnit, SHE-WOLF OF LONDON as a comedy, and as utter crap . . . well, I won’t say. (Or perhaps MONK should be catagorized as T & A.)

  3. Glad to see more people my age on My Space. A friend convinced me to put up a page a year ago, but I’ve always felt like the oldest one around. But slowly more and more folks who aren’t in their twenties are puttting up pages, so I don’t feel as old. I guess I really should put a bit more effort into my page though.


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