One of my all-time favorite emails

I got this email today from someone who read DIAGNOSIS MURDER: THE LAST WORD and wasn’t too fond of it:

The reason why I like reading DM is because I enjoyed the television series.  I, too, did think your recent book was a little "dark".  I personally would prefer no changes and enjoyed reading about the one demensional tv character Dr. Sloan solving cases.  If I wanted to read a novel, I will buy James Patterson.

3 thoughts on “One of my all-time favorite emails”

  1. Germany reminds me of a TV show on DVD I watched yesterday — Flash Gordon — filmed in West Berlin in the 50s. Dale Arden (sci fi script writers in the 50s 60s stereotyped women as Playboy bunnies) flitting about in a Santa’s helper outfit. Except for the Flash, everyone else sounded like recent members of the gestapo or SS. I took a class on Berlin and not much left there after the war except Brandenburg Gate and a couple of churches. Love Dr. VanDyke.


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