3 thoughts on “Unaired Batgirl Pilot”

  1. I love it – although in twenty or so years time Barbara Gordon get’s shot by the Joker and paralized, it’s fun to see this addition to the old camp series.
    And I didn’t notice the four guys in the library, dressed almost identically with antenae on their heads. (Nor did Millionair Bruce Wayne and his youthful ward Dick Grayson) Who’d have thunk that they were evil henchmen. LOL.

  2. This brings back memories…my first trip to a tv show set as a boy was to Batman (I still have a pic of me and Adam West from that day). My father was a tv producer who knew the exex. prod. of Batman from working with him on another show (Donna Reed, I think) and that is how I got on.
    I loooove anything from the this era of(in my words) “real” Batman!


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