14 More TV Shows That Changed Their Theme Songs

I had such a great response to my post 12 TV Shows That Changed Their Themes that I’ve collected fourteen more examples of shows that scrapped one theme tune for an entirely different one.

The Bold Ones

Sheriff Lobo

Season 2


Happy Days


Cagney & Lacey


I Dream of Jeannie

The Drew Carey Show

Nash Bridges

(changed the theme twice.. in seasons 4 & 5)

The New Dick Dyke Show


The Smith Family

Babylon Five

8 thoughts on “14 More TV Shows That Changed Their Theme Songs”

  1. I’m surprised House MD made neither list. Though that can get complicated since I think the theme changes might have been region specific.

    Enterprise changed its theme too, but if memory serves, it was the same basic song just more jazzed up. I preferred the original by far.


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