Derringer Finalists

The finalists for the Derringer Award, honoring excellence in short stories, have been announced and it's great to see so many of my friends on the list. Congratulations to you all!

"And Here's To You, Mrs. Edwardson," by Hamilton Waymire
Submitted by Kai Wehmeier
Published in the webzine *Big Pulp*, November 23, 2009

"Awake" by David Dean
Submitted by Art Taylor
Published in EQMM, July 2009

"Gutterball" by Stephen D. Rogers
Submitted by Stephen D. Rogers
Published in Woman's World Magazine, Sep 7, 2009

"The Right Track" by R.T. Lawton
Submitted by R.T. Lawton
Published in Woman's World Magazine, 10/26/09

"Unplanned" by Libby Cudmore
Submitted by Libby Cudmore 
Published in Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers, August 2009

"Identity Theft" by Robert Weibezahl
Submitted by Robert Weibezahl
Published in Beat to a Pulp, March 2009

"The Biography of Stoop the Thief" by Steven Torres
Submitted by Steven Torres
Published in Uncage Me!, July 2009

"The Hard Sell" by Jay Stringer
Submitted by Beat to a Pulp
Published in Beat to a Pulp, 2009

"The Right to Remain Silent" by Debbi Mack
Submitted by Debbi Mack
Published in Back Alley Webzine, August 2009

"Twas the Night" by Anita Page
Submitted by Anita Page
Published in The Gift of Murder, 2009

"A Stab in the Heart" by Twist Phelan
Submitted by Twist Phelan
Published in EQMM, February

"Famous Last Words" by Doug Allyn
Submitted by Larry Chavis
Published in EQMM, November

"Regarding Certain Occurrences in a Cottage at the Garden of Allah" by Robert S. Levinson
Submitted by Robert S.Levinson
Published in AHMM, November

"Snow of Bloedkoppie" by Berhard Jaumann (translated from the German by Mary Tannert)
Submitted by Richard Posner
Published in EQMM, August

"The Shipbreaker" by Mike Wiecek
Submitted by EQMM
Published in EQMM, March/April

"Adjuncts Anonymous" by B.K. Stevens
Submitted by Bonnie K. Stevens
Published in EQMM, June

"Julius Katz" by Dave Zeltserman
Submitted by EQMM
Published in EQMM, September/October

"The Last Drop" by R.W. Kerrigan
Submitted by EQMM
Published in EQMM, February

"The Pirate's Debt" by Toni L.P. Kelner
Submitted by Toni L.P. Kelner
Published in EQMM, August

"Uncle Brick and Jimmy Kills" by Allan Leverone
Submitted by Allan Leverone
Published in Mysterical-E