Heartbroken for Bill Crider

I was heartbroken to read this weekend that my friend Bill Crider has entered hospice care. He’s been fighting cancer for a few years now and I want to believe he’ll keep fighting it… and beat it. I treasure our friendship, which has meant so much to me in so many ways. He’s perhaps the nicest guys in publishing…and certainly one of the most well-read…a gentle, caring soul who can’t teaching others through his love of the genre. He’s certainly taught me a lot.
Bill introduced me to so many great books and authors who have not only entertained me, but made me a better writer. Authors like Harry Whittington, Ralph Dennis, and Dan J. Marlowe, to name a very few.
He edited two of my books, THE WALK and WATCH ME DIE, for Five Star Mysteries…and his advice made them better. I was thrilled when, thirteen years later, he agreed to write THE DEAD MAN: CARNIVAL OF DEATH for the series that William Rabkin and I created & edited for Amazon/47North. It was so great to be able to work creatively with him again and to share a byline.
And I am honored that Bill has entrusted me with his terrific western novels OUTRAGE AT BLANCO and TEXAS VIGILANTE…first to adapt to the screen (we’re still trying to get them made!) and later to republish them through Brash Books (where he was instrumental in advising me & Joel Goldman on titles we should acquire).
I’ve enjoyed the many hours we’ve spent over the years talking about mysteries and books…and am so glad I got to visit him at his home in Alvin, Texas a year ago and see his incredible book collection for myself 
I spent some time with him and his daughter Angela Crider Neary just a few weeks ago in Toronto…and he seemed so happy and energetic, that I believed he’d beaten the cancer for good. I still hope it’s a battle he can win.

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  1. I met Bill years and years ago at local SF conventions, knowledgeable, warm, and witty, a gentleman and a gentle man. Everyone just wants to hang out with him. You are not alone in heartbreak. <3

  2. Hope he pulls through. I’ve never met Bill but I got a glimpse of his persona in some of the video snippets you both appeared in. I enjoyed his Outrage at Blanco and wish him the best.

  3. I will pray for your friend, Bill Crider and hopes that he lives a long, happy and healthy life. God works in mysterious ways and if anybody can cure him, it is God.

  4. Dear Lee, my comment should have read that I hope that he lives. I hate to be grammatically incorrect, bu t I am under extreme stress with two of my family in the hospital. I will try to type slower so as not to make any mistakes. Prayers go out to Bill for a quick and complete recovery.

  5. Ah-h, now I know how I must have come to your attention, Lee. Bill Crider. Bill agreed to do a signing with me for my second book, Carcass Trade, and he didn’t know me at all, as a newcomer to Houston. He is, truth to tell as you have, one of the most gentle and kind souls to come into my world, even just a little bit of it. I didn’t realize he was involved in editing for you and in continuing with the series you and William Rabkin. I will sure get my hands on it.

    Like you, I am hoping against hope that Bill’s immune system can somehow yet kick cancer’s butt. Nothing of that illness shows on his always-smiling face. He is beloved by all in “our” community. We are graced by his presence, history, and talent. I’m so glad you got a chance to spend some time with him recently. And now, thank you for your touching post.

    • Nope. that’s not how you came to our Brash attention. I owned your books and I was a fellow, Five Star author when JUAN DOE came out. In fact we may have met when you were doing publicity for your first one, because I think my copy may be signed.

  6. I’m sorry to hear this. I know Bill only through his books and his culture blog and loved his personable way of sharing his life and loves. He’s a good man.


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