.357 Vigilante Returns….

Vigilante2I admit it…I’ve got the Kindle fever…and I’ve got it bad. I don’t mean reading books on the Kindle, I mean creating Kindle editions of my out-of-print books. The idea of making easy money from stuff that was buried in boxes in my garage is too good to resist (thank you, Joe Konrath!).

So the 1985 “men’s action action novel” .357 VIGILANTE #2: MAKE THEM PAY by Ian Ludlow is now available as a $2.99 Kindle edition. Here’s the scoop on the book:

“As stunning as the report of a .357 Magnum, a dynamic premiere effort […] The Best New Paperback Series of the year!” West Coast Review of Books 

 Brett Macklin is justice — a one-man judge, jury and executioner, wiping out the L.A. street scum that the police can’t catch, that the law can’t hold — dealing sweet revenge from the barrel of his .357 Magnum.
Now Macklin’s target is Wesley Saputo, child porn kingpin and murderer who has slipped through the courts time after time, only to kidnap, rape and kill again…and again. Macklin’s mission: locate and brutally destroy Saputo before he finds another little girl blue…

This Kindle edition includes a special Afterword essay, “Hot Sex, Gory Violence: How One College Student Earns Course Credit and Pays His Tuition,” which was originally published in Newsweek magazine and that explains the origins of the “.357 Vigilante” series and the “Ian Ludlow” pseudonym.

I’ve found the manuscripts for the other two books in the series, as well as the unpublished fourth novel, and will upload them over the coming weeks.

UPDATE: Here are some blog reviews of MAKE THEM PAY…from Chadwick Saxelid, S. Michael Wilson,  and Marty McKee.

6 thoughts on “.357 Vigilante Returns….”

  1. Now you’re really killing me. I have copies of the three .357 Vigilantes, but no Kindle. I’m a purist about getting books by writers I like. I have copies of all your fiction to date(none of the nonfiction though), but I can’t see myself buying a Kindle just to get that fourth Vigilante. Sorry.

  2. Between this, and Larry Murdock’s AGENT OF T.E.R.R.A. series, I’m gonna have to break down and get a Kindle. But I agree with Chadwick; any chance at ALL, of 357V # 4 in a Kindle edition?

  3. Must thank Kindle for supporting and continuing the progress of horrible cover art, thus making designers and illustrators (such as myself) completely useless.
    Way to go Kindle!


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