The 8 Diagnosis Murder Books in Order

I get asked all the time what the correct order of my eight DIAGNOSIS MURDER books is… so here you go, in chronological order:

TheSilentPartnerThe Silent Partner  – Dr. Mark Sloan is assigned to LAPD’s “unsolved homicide” files. As he reopens one case on the murder of a woman whose killer currently sits on Death Row, Sloan learns that the wrong man was charged. And that the real killer is still at large..

The Death Merchant – A dream vacation in Hawaii turns into a nightmare for Dr. Mark Sloan and his son, Steve, when a man they’ve befriended falls victim to a shark attack. But when Mark discovers evidence indicating the victim was murdered prior to becoming shark food, he and Steve comb the beaches to find a different kind of predator…

The Shooting Script – Dr. Mark Sloan is drawn to the sounds of gunfire at his neighbor’s Malibu beach house. There, he discovers the bullet-riddled bodies of an aspiring actress a Hollywood producer. An obvious suspect is the producer’s wife-who has gunpowder residue all over her clothing, but also has a perfect alibi. However, Mark thinks that the crime scene resembles a hit more than a crime of passion. When he and his son start investigating a local mob kingpin’s involvement, Mark soon finds himself unpopular with the police-and, of course, with the murderer.

The Waking Nightmare – Dr. Mark Sloan saves a would-be suicide victim, but her jump from a building ledge has left her in a coma. Obsessed with learning why she attempted suicide, Sloan stumbles into a manhunt for a cop-killer-who may turn his attention to nosy physicians next.

The Past Tense – Dr. Mark Sloan is startled to discover a dead woman—dressed as a mermaid—washed up on the beach outside his home. Even more bizarre, the autopsy reveals a digital memory card within a capsule inside the body’s stomach. The card contains the report of a forty-three-year-old murder in Los Angeles—the first homicide case Mark ever solved, when he was a struggling intern and newlywed father. When a second body is discovered—a woman who was apparently the victim of an impromptu autopsy in her own kitchen—the good doctor realizes that he must find the connection between the two murders. And perhaps more urgently, the connection to his own past

The Dead Letter – A blackmailer, a dead detective, and a mysterious letter that make an unusual request of Dr. Sloan: avenge a murder.

lastwordbetterThe Double Life – When Dr. Mark Sloan wakes up in his own hospital’s I.C.U., he doesn’t remember how he got there-or anything from the last two years of his life, including a wife he doesn’t recognize, and grandkids he never knew existed. He learns that he was run down in the street while investigating a series of mysterious deaths, all of whom were patients recently recovered from life-threatening illnesses and accidents. Mark resumes his investigation, only to realize that his “accident” was no accident, and that there is little time left to prevent another murder-his own.

The Last Word – The final book in the Diagnosis Murder series. When a young woman falls down a flight of stairs and is left brain dead, her family agrees to donate her organs. Dr. Jesse Travis oversees the grim task, saving several other seriously ill patients. But one of the organ recipients returns to the hospital with a complication no one could have seen coming-West Nile Virus. Soon, other patients who received organs at Community General begin dying of West Nile-related illnesses, and Jesse is suspected of being at fault. Dr. Mark Sloan knows his friend isn’t to blame-and he soon uncovers a conspiracy of greed and personal revenge that may mean the end of his career.

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  1. Please please write more of these wonderful Diagnosis Murder books. I LOVE them and Dr. Sloan. Any chance of more DM movies? Keep up the good work. You are my favorite writer!

    • Thank you, Lee. I’m afraid I won’t be writing any more DM books… THE LAST WORD really was my last word on those characters. I also think its unlikely that there will be any DM movies. Dick is in his 90s and there isn’t a big demand for teh character to come back.

  2. Hi Lee, just wanted to say u absolutely love Diagnosis Murder, wish more episodes had been made! But in the meantime I will be reading all your books and envisioning the brilliant characters. Thank you

  3. Hi Mr Goldberg

    My Mother is Barbara Jane Day and an 88/years young. Air Force Vet/Korean Era. She does loooooove to read. She loves your books. She likes to read Nancy Drew, Boxcar Kids, etc.She likes easier books that are mysteries.

    Just a FYI


  4. I would love to get these books since I do enjoy watching the series. Can you tell me where I can possibly get them? Thanks!!

  5. I’ve just bought the first 4 books from Amazon UK. I love the TV series, and cannot wait to read the books. All 8 series and TV movies are available on DVD in the USA, but not the UK – only the first 3 series are available in the UK. Does anybody know when they’ll be released in the UK?

  6. Hello, Lee–

    Just wanted to say that I finished the first of your Diagnosis: Murder novels (had purchased from Amazon; have another coming), and I’m looking forward to eventually getting and enjoying all of them.

    • Thank you, but the Diagnosis Murder series is far in my past. My novel THE LAST WORD wrapped it up in a neat bow…at least for me! 🙂


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