5 thoughts on “A “Fantastic” Book”

  1. Heya!
    By any chance, were you at the Habit wearing a red button-up shirt on Tuesday night? I think ’twas you, but I was too shy to come up. I was in front of you in line.

  2. What goes around, comes around, I guess. I have in my television library a copy of the 1977 book “Fantastic Television” by Gary Gerani and Paul H. Schulman. The subtitle, “A Pictorial History of Sci-Fi, the Unusual and the Fantastic from CAPTAIN VIDEO to the STAR TREK Phenomenon and Beyond…”, seems to indicate that this new title might be an updated version of the original. Whatever the case may be, I’m looking forward to purchasing this new one, too. Thanks for the notice, Lee.

  3. I have that same book in television library, Mark. And it’s one of my favorites. I wish those same authors had teamed up for some sequels.
    This new book, however, is NOT an updated version of the previous one. As far as I know, they aren’t related at all…except in terms of the genre they are covering.

  4. I KNEW it!
    Next time I’ll have to not be so shy. I was afraid of looking like a doofus, which is silly, because I look like one regularly.
    Have to keep a Monk book in my car from now on…


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