A Kick-Ass Pilot

I just watched TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and it’s one of the most entertaining pilots I have ever seen. It totally captures the feel of the first two movies on a dramatically lower budget. It picks up where TERMINATOR 2 left off and goes in a new direction that’s consistent with the dramatic line of the movies. It was a fun hour — everything BIONIC WOMAN wants to be and isn’t — but I don’t kn0w what they are going to do week-to-week. I’ll certainly be tuning in to see.

As much as I enjoyed it, there was one false, truly unbearable cliche: apparently Sarah and her son are going to be relentlessly pursued by the FBI agent obsessed with their capture (yet another rehash of Inspector Gerard. Why is it TV can’t resist ripping off THE FUGITIVE again and again and again and again???)

2 thoughts on “A Kick-Ass Pilot”

  1. There may not be anything for you to tune in to:
    “Since I visited with you last I have shot a pilot and eight episodes of television on my wonderful little art house show we like to call “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” (Those of us in the know call it “Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles” for short.) Unfortunately, I’ve only locked picture on the pilot and each one of those other eight precious little diamonds is now sitting uneasily in an editing bay like a toddler whose parent has passed out on the couch from too much Vicodin.
    “In this case, the couch is the picket line and the Vicodin is my vow that I will do NO WORK on my show until the strike is finished. No writing, no editing, no sound mixing, no casting, no notes calls, no publicity, no NOTHING.
    “What will happen to our work of the last year? Couldn’t tell you. Ask the AMPTP. It’s their show now”
    I think Josh was the third showrunner, after Shaun Ryan and Shonda Rimes, to publicly take this action… or inaction, as it were… and I’d just like to say to them, and the hundred or so other showrunners that followed, you guys seriously ROCK!
    The fact that the AMPTP refused to return to the table, even to get you all back to work, shows them for the greedy, calculating moguls they are. And then to threaten you with lawsuits? Oy.


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