A Kindred Spirit

When I was nine years old, I started writing my book UNSOLD TV PILOTS. It was what studio and network execs today like to call "a passion project." I wanted to listed every pilot rejected by the networks since the dawn of television. I finally finished the book around 1988 and it was published in 1989. I’ve continued compiling information since then — and although I never wrote the sequel, that research became the fodder for two TV special, one for CBS and one for ABC, that I produced with William Rabkin.  I thought I was alone in my strange fascination with TV failures…but I’m not.

The blog TrivialTV notes that summer used to be the time when networks burned off their busted pilots. Not anymore. Now it’s a reality show backwater. But in honor of all those busted pilots, today TrivialTV lists the titles and airdates of most of the 1/2 hour and hour-long  busted pilots that have been broadcast  since January 1, 1990.

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