A Sweet Guy

I got this email a couple of weeks ago and My brother Tod got one very much like it from the same guy:

your slanders about me off your blog now, Goldberg.  You thought it was cool
and you could destroy someone with your filth.  Take it off, I beg you.  I don’t
really know what I’m capable of, but this force is getting beyond the inertia
phase, and if you don’t silently retract this shit against me, I might
have to spend a lot of time and money convincing you that this was not a right
transaction.  I don’t know you and don’t want to.  Just take all
reference to me off your blog or I might get the idea to buy some people to make your life difficult.  You had
a good laugh at my expense in cyberspace and you think you can just get away
with it without any consequences but that’s not how it works.  If I have
to come to where you live and beat the shit out of you or hire others to do so,
well, then, what did you expect?  Get this stuff about me off your internet
sites or pay the price.  I’m really fed up with your idiocy and am
convinced that you need to be taught a lesson, asshole.

I didn’t respond to this one. Instead, I called a friend at the LAPD, we filed a police report, and got a restraining order against the guy who, as it turns out, still lives at home with his mother.

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  1. Was this an angry Fanfic writer? Jim, The President of your Fan Club? That hairy chested guy with the 80s hair band hair? Someone in the POD industry? The list of suspects is fairly long, as you can see.

  2. I vote Tono. I can take just about any insult, but when you post under your real name and they say they’re coming to your house, which after all is in the damn phonebook, well, I take those seriously too. Well done.

  3. No disrespect to you or Tod (I’m an unashamed reader of you both), but could someone please explain to me how anything posted on your respective blogs could “destroy someone with their filth?”
    I mean, really, Lee, if you’re that powerful….

  4. Imagine, these idiots get a restraining order against me, this nerd that never leaves his house but to protect his mom?
    Meanwhile I have never met nor ever want to meet Lee Goldberg but he has the misguided courage to libel me on his blog. While I’ve never mentioned him or his no life brother on mine and never will. You and your simpling (very sic) can get all the court orders you want, but the truth is you’re a couple of jerks and have maligned me right along, and I struck queer fear into your hearts by calling your literary bluff. You people don’t have the guts to put your money where your mouths are. You’re just a couple of no nothing, LA wantabees that think you can achieve some status by denigrating others. Yet your books are trash for the fish market.
    And, wonder of wonders, in your suit against me, you claim to be successful writers. HA! By whose standards? You’re just a couple of low life me toos, and will be forgotten in a heartbeat. In fact, no one knows your name already, because you have to tie your name to mine to get any recognition, devoid of any real achievement are ye. HA HA HA. What a confluence of remidial siblings, simplings. What assholes, and anyone that joins their band is likewise. Do any of you know me? I wouldn’t touch a fly with a ten foot pole. But do you think I’m going to stand by and let jerks like Tod and Lee Goldberg libel me right and left? No way.

  5. Presuming you already have a temporary restraining order against this person, which is likely based on the above threat and my experience with the courts, and presuming that the person who left the comment above is also the person you have an order against, then that person is going to get arrested when he steps foot in the courthouse for violating a temporary restraining order already in place simply by leaving that comment. Incredible.

  6. You’re right Tono . . . Lee is very obviously an under-achiever, despite the fact he writes one show on television now, has written for many more while simultaneously publishing different books every other month.
    Oh, and he teaches, too. Yes, he’s obviously a slacker, our Lee . . . and don’t get me started on Tod, he has that evil glint in his eye, obviously up to no good . . .
    Seriously, Tono, dude . . . in the words of the immortal Sgt. Hulka “Lighten up, Frances.”

  7. Hello all,
    Well, David, my writing is going just fine. I’m finishing up my seventh book now, a two volume journal I kept ten years ago in New Orleans and San Francisco that have been sitting on my shelf for ten years!
    You can visit it at http://www.piscesbooks.com, and my blog at http://www.piscesbooks.blogspot.com. This is no secret.
    It’s all over when an artist gives his work away for free? Think again, because the work is important and not the financial rewards, you dipitty doo daa. Meanwhile, the person that made that comment has nothing to give away or to buy . . .
    I have no history of violence. In fact, as a West Point Cadet in 1968-69, I completed my plebe year at the United States Military Academy with honors and quit that establishment like a dirty shirt because of all the violence perpetrated in Vietnam.
    So free speech is extant in America, yet I can’t defend myself in a public forum. And when I do, all you individuals that see fit to remark know nothing about me, except maybe David M. whom has written scores of screenplays that have never seen the light of day, yet he deems himself fit to critique my accomplishments or the lack of them?
    The real truth of all this BS is that Lee Goldberg and Tod are lack luster people that feed upon hatred and negation and I called them on that envious propensity and scared them by giving them a very serious dose of their own maligning medicine and they, in utter fear and busted, ran to the police and the courts to stop my efforts at teaching them a lesson in manners in the artistic community, which they are not even members of. They are purveyors of common palaver, and probably have never had an original thought in their collective existences.
    So, I’m ready to be put in jail for my words. Oh! I made Tod Goldberg and Lee Goldberg pay for their travesty by having to pay the court cost to put a restraining order on me, a guy that never wanted any trouble. Hee hee. See you in jail, no talent me toos.
    And again, just to get this straight, I never commented on these people on my website or blog, never spent the time of day about them, yet what did they spent time on? ME!
    Ask yourselves . . . Why? Well, if you’re really curious, you can visit my world here:
    and http://www.thoughtcrimesink.com.
    Put the handcuffs and the shackles on, because I’m ready to be put into solitary confinement, where I’ve pretty much been all my life anyway.


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