ABC Announces Renewals

TV Critic Alan Sepinwall reports that ABC has renewed just about everything on their schedule except their midseason shows (CASTLE, IN THE MOTHERHOOD, UNUSUALS, etc.) and two sitcoms — SAMANTHA WHO and SCRUBS. But the missing shows, with the exception of LIFE ON MARS, haven't been given the ax just yet. Pick-ups for those bubble shows still could come once the network announces their new schedule in late May.

The full list of those shows that will definitely be on the air for the 09-10 season: "America's Funniest Home Videos," "The Bachelor," "Brothers & Sisters," "Dancing with the Stars," "Desperate Housewives," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," "Grey's Anatomy," "Lost," "Private Practice," "Supernanny," "Ugly Betty" and "Wife Swap."

6 thoughts on “ABC Announces Renewals”

  1. Wow. Essentially every reason to watch ABC this season is definitely gone, and every reason to avoid ABC is coming right back. ABC is even more ruthless than the rivals in taking good sitcoms, such as SONS & DAUGHTERS, HELP ME HELP YOU and SAMANTHA WHO?, and cutting them right down…at least they gave the last another season and SCRUBS a victory lap. Thanks for the passalong.

  2. Looking at the line-up, I can’t help but think Fred Silverman must be rolling in his grave.
    (Except it looks like Fred is still alive! Good for him.)

  3. I was trying (and apparently failing) to make a modestly humorous reference to the fact that those are some pretty weak shows.


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