Agent 007, eh?

My friend David Breckman wrote and produced a hilarious pilot for USA Network called UNDERFUNDED, about a spy for the Canadian Secret Service (yes, they have one).  He’s still waiting to hear if USA is going to pick it up. But in the mean time, the Canadian Broadcasting Company (yes, they have TV networks up there) has announced that production has begun on INTELLIGENCE, a Canadian drama series (yes, they still have a couple shows of their own up there) about, you guessed it, Canadian spies (yes, they have them). The show is from Chris Haddock, the Canadian Steven Bochco, with financial help from every Canadian government entity except, it seems, the Department of Fish & Game.

“Intelligence takes place in the underworld where crime and
government meet. Part mystery, part thriller, all character and
conspiracy,” says Haddock. “It’s a new and volatile mix of gangster and
spy genres that should be pretty addictive. It’s gonna be a lot of fun
to watch.”

Intelligence is a Haddock Entertainment production produced with the
financial participation of CBC, Telefilm Canada, the CTF – License Fee
Program, the Canadian Western Independent Program Fund, the Canadian
and British Columbian Production Tax Credit Programs and CBC
International Sales.

11 thoughts on “Agent 007, eh?”

  1. I’m guessing your reference to the Department of Fish & Game is a nod to an older series about a U.S. spy agency that was underfunded by the Department of Fish & Game?
    Just to let you know some of us less visible readers are paying attention.

  2. What was the name of that Fish & Game seies? Its driving me crazy. It was what I first thought of when I read this post and now can’t remember the name or the guy who was in it. I can picture him, but the name is escaping me.

  3. Mary, I was talking about The Invisible Man with Vincent Ventresca, Paul Ben Victor and Eddie Jones as “the Official”. They went from Fish & Game to the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the second season if memory serves.

  4. I remember that one. But I was confusing it with an earlier series. The earlier one is what I was thinking of. It featured an agent who had lost the use of one hand during a mission and was assigned to a department of misfits. Its going to drive me crazy until I can remember the lead actor.

  5. Chris Haddock as in Da Vinci’s Inquest?
    If this show is even half as good as DVI, I’m going to be very impressed.
    DVI and Da Vinci’s City Hall were the best damn thing on TV. Still can’t believe they cancelled it.

  6. Mary –
    you were thinking of ADDERLEY, about a spy who gets caught by the other side and tortured. He’s assigned a desk job at the Bureau of Misc. Affairs but still manages to get involved in high profile spy cases.
    It was a Canadian show with Wyn Reckert and was part of the Crimetime after Primetime lineup on CBS.
    Wyn Reckert was the actor you’re thinking of…


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