Alive Again

It’s amazing what ten hours of sleep will do for you. I don’t feel like one of the living dead any more, though I did chew off my daughter’s left arm this morning for breakfast.  Afterwards, I caught up with the season finale of DEADWOOD (or, perhaps, the series finale). Damn, what a great show this is. I still can’t figure out, though, what David Milch had in mind for that theatre troop storyline…seems like a complete waste to me. I would have preferred to spend more time this season with the DEADWOOD regulars, like the doctor and Tolliver, than the troop. Gerald McRaney was a revelation as Hearst…it will be interesting to see if he brings any of that newfound gravitas to his work on the new CBS series JERICHO.

I’ve started catching up on my email and snail-mail and discovered that it’s been officially announced by the Mystery Writers of American that I am going to be the chair of the Edgar Awards for 2008.  It basically means that I have to start begging, extorting and blackmailing writers I know to serve as judges. Consider this fair warning, my author-friends…

I’ve also taken a few moments to skim the fanfic debates that raged on my back-blog here while I was away and have, much to my delight and surprise, found far more comments of substance than vitriol (on both sides of the debate).

I have a ton of work to do today…but I think I’m going to follow my brother Tod’s advice and take a day off instead to recharge my completely depleted physical and creative batteries. Deadlines are mounting, but a man needs his rest.

8 thoughts on “Alive Again”

  1. I have had a question regarding the judges for quite a while and maybe now you can enlighten me. Why do the judges have to be writers?

  2. I’m not Lee, and I’m speaking for the organization, and this is purely my opinion, but I think it’s because it’s an award for WRITING given by the Mystery WRITERS of America.

  3. I’m sorry, you don’t post your name therefore I can’t address you personally; I don’t think the tone of your response was required but I will answer it anyway. Only writers can judge good writing? Well I guess my time reading is wasted since I can’t be a judge of what is good writing or not. Putting forth a hypothetical here: a writer spends his/her time writing and for the most part they are familiar, hopefully yes, with the elements of writing such as structure and theme and so forth but basically has the narrow focus of their own output. (note I am not saying writers don’t read) However, I know many readers of crime fiction who read over a hundred novels a year who would have insight into the breadth of what is published and therefore would probably be a good judge of the quality of what is being written.

  4. “I have had a question regarding the judges for quite a while and maybe now you can enlighten me. Why do the judges have to be writers?”
    I am fairly certain that the reason is only members of the Mystery Writers of America can be judges and, to be a member, one must be a professionally published writer. It seems to be an award given by peers.
    I am also fairly certain that there are more than a few organizations/clubs/groups/associations out there that allow readers to vote. I think the Hugo or the Nebula award certainly falls into that category. The Hugo is awarded by the author’s peers, the Nebula from voting readers. I could be mistaken, though.

  5. I believe the Anthony is voted on by readers…as is the Macavity. There are a few others as well (The Lefty??)
    The Edgar, the Dagger, and the Shamus are like the Oscar, Grammy or the Emmy…awards given by peers for excellence in their craft.


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