All-Time Showkillers

The clever, data-cruncking folks over at Trivial TV have perused their TV Guides and compiled a list of the actors who have killed the most shows in their careers. Names include Paula Marshall (7), Jon Tenny (7), Hector Elizondo (7),  and Joe Morton (8) among others. Joe’s list, for example, includes:

  • ”Grady ” (NBC, 1975; 9 eps aired)
  • ”Equal Justice” (ABC, 1990; 26)
  • ”Tribeca” (Fox, 1993; 7)
  • ”Under One Roof” (CBS, 1995; 6)
  • ”New York News” (CBS, 1995; 8)
  • ”Prince Street” (NBC, 1997; 2)
  • ”Mercy Point” (UPN, 1998; 7)
  • ”E-Ring” (NBC, 2005; 14)

4 thoughts on “All-Time Showkillers”

  1. Jon Tenny seems to be doing pretty well in CLOSER – just caught the 2nd season premiere last night, pretty decent.
    As I mentioned earlier, I think Clooney had about ten dead pilots to his credit before ER, including a sitcom starring Eliot Gould also titled E/R –
    I liked Paula Marshal in CUPID, 98 or so.

  2. I don’t think Ted McGinley is a show killer. Yeah, he’s on Jump The Shark a lot, but the facts don’t really hold up. Happy Days was already an old show when he joined, so you can’t blame him for that. And Married With Children lasted for another 6 or 7 years after he joined. And Hope and Faith recently ended a several year run on ABC.


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