AMC Taken Prisoner

Variety reports that AMC will air six episodes of the UK’s new TV version of the 60s cult classic THE PRISONER…which is not to be confused with the movie verison being done at Universal by director Christopher Nolan  from a script by Janet & David Peoples. Universal has the film rights to the Patrick McGoohan series while Granada has the TV rights.  The series, which will be written by Bill Gallagher, will begin production in the Spring and will debut here and in the UK in January 2008.

execs were tightlipped regarding details of the updated version but
said it will similarly involve themes of paranoia and deal with
sociopolitical issues. What the new show won’t be is an exact replica of the original.

show isn’t just a re-creation," said Rob Sorcher, AMC exec veep of
programming and production. "What we’re doing is an entirely new
reinterpretation that stays true to the components of the McGoohan
(show)’s vision."

The new series will revolve around a man who awakes in the Village with no
memory of how he arrived. Episodes will follow how he tries to make
sense of his new environment, in which inhabitants are under constant
surveillance, identified by number and sans any recollection of how
they got to the island.

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