Andie’s New Breasts

Amacdowell_implantsThe Superficial has noticed Andie McDowell’s new breasts:

Remember when Andie MacDowell was in movies and famous? Yeah, me neither, but
sometime in between then and now she got breast implants, which makes about as
much sense as Arnold Schwarzenegger taking up weight lifting at the tender age
of 58 to compete in the next Mr. Olympia competition.

5 thoughts on “Andie’s New Breasts”

  1. But Arnold still works out, no? I mean, breast implants are a completely sexist invention but if keeps her career for a few more years, well, all power to her.

  2. I think less of her now, I wonder if she thought of that.
    What about Katie’s new nose? I forget her last name, Tom Cruise’s wife. She had the perfect nose for her face. Now she looks weird. How twisted are these people? She didn’t know she had a great face? And you know Tom at least supported if not orchestrated that. Really sad. Really pathetic.


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