“Ang Lee also directed The Hulk, which is odd because Ang Lee has never been a green monster…”

My brother Tod tackles one of the dumbest questions ever posed to Letters to Parade, from Peter Jones of New York City:

"Brokeback Mountain’s Ang Lee is the favorite to win an Oscar for Best
Director. How did a Chinese person gain such an
understanding of homosexual American cowboys?"

Among Tod’s many observations:

1. Ang Lee also directed the Civil War film Ride With The Devil (based
on a great novel by Daniel Woodrell, incidentally), which is pretty
surprising because Ang Lee isn’t a Civil War vet and, in fact, lived
part of his life in Pinko China, and, I’m fairly certain, never once
listened to a 38 Special album and thought about how cool it would be
to grow up in the old South, where he would have been lynched. At any
rate, the pop singer Jewel co-starred in Ride with the Devil and her
longtime beau is cowboy Ty Murray. Perhaps one drunken night on the
range turned into a sexual bacchanal. Perhaps Ty rode Ang like a
bucking steer. Perhaps Ang woke one morning with a longing for the feel
of a rawhide saddle and the touch and feel of a man. Perhaps he read
the fucking short story.

3 thoughts on ““Ang Lee also directed The Hulk, which is odd because Ang Lee has never been a green monster…””

  1. Although a pitiful question — I have seen commentary that assumes white directors do/will/always have screw(ed) up films about *insert minority here* simply because they aren’t members of that minority group.

  2. My husband, the comic book fan’s, reaction upon first seeing the trailer of Brokeback Mountain, “Oh, damn, now Ang Lee is going to make homosexuals as boring as comic books!”


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