Ankle Biting Pundits

My new "Diagnosis Murder" novel, THE WAKING NIGHMARE got a rave review from Patrick Hynes at Ankle-Biting, a conservative political website.

If you like mysteries, buy this book. It’s perfect for the beach. It’s perfect
for a rainy day. Perfect if you’re snowbound. And if you’re like me, you’ll
quickly get addicted.

I guess I shouldn’t tell him I voted for John Kerry…

8 thoughts on “Ankle Biting Pundits”

  1. Actually, I was just joking. Patrick knows I’m one of those left-leaning Hollywood types. I was thrilled not only to get this review, but the one he gave THE SILENT PARTNER for the AMERICAN SPECTATOR as well. And as liberal as I am, I enjoy reading his site!


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