Another reason for me to love Hawaii

I got a very nice review today from Burl Burlingame in the Honolulu Star Bulletin for MR. MONK GOES TO HAWAII.  He writes, in part:

This is a real novel, not a fleshed-out screenplay, as it is told in
the first person of Natalie, which is fascinating because she’s still
relatively undeveloped on the show. The story, as it is, unfolds from
her point of view and gives the character an inner life and complexity.
I came away from the book with a greater appreciation of the back-story
of Natalie’s character.

[…]"Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii" is an entertaining and ruefully funny
diversion that stars one of television’s best-loved characters, and
because it’s a mystery novel, it will stick long after you’ve forgotten
the plot of the latest "Monk" episode.

Thanks so much, Burl!

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