Back in the Blog Again`

Hello friends… I’m glad to report that I’m back-in-action after a few days of recuperation. The surgery to remove all the scar tissue and my titanium implants went very well… and I was awake for the entire 3 hour operation, which I also watched. It was fascinating. I don’t understand how I can watch them tear up my own arm, but I cringe during the fake surgical scenes in NIP/TUCK. Makes no sense. Anyway, it looks as though I’ve regained considerable motion in my arm… now the trick will be keeping my new-found flexibility. For six hours each day, I’ve been using a machine that bends and extends my arm…and I’ve been going to physical therapy, too.

Now it’s time to get back to work writing, so I can pay for all this top-of-the-line medical care. I want to thank my brother Tod for keeping the blog afloat in my absense with his wit and wisdom.

6 thoughts on “Back in the Blog Again`”

  1. Great to have you back. And glad everything went well and the surgery did it’s thing.
    Don’t hit the writing too hard yet. Make sure you fully heal first.

  2. Lee, yes good to have you back!:-)…. good that everything went well with the surgery…. yes please take time, and that you fully recover, heal….
    many greetings,

  3. Ah what the heck! I mean c’mon! With doctors listeneing to the radio while they work on you, you would think they would at least have some kind of selective viewing of television or movies for the patients while the procedure is going on.
    Good to see you back!


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