Back Under the Wing

TV Geek alert: Variety reports that a slew of former WEST WING actors are reprising their roles as the series heads towards its finale. Among the actors returning for segments are Rob Lowe, Mary Louise Parker, Timothy Busfield, Gary Cole, Annabeth Gish, Tim Matheson, Marlee Matlin, Anna Deavere Smith and Emily Proctor as "Ainsley Hayes."

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  1. Fantastic. My wife and I will sorely miss West Wing, even if it’s been so-so lately. A lot of actors have done amazing work on WW. Joe Perry (is that the name?) from Friends comes immediately to mind, although Glenn Close had a great role and John Larroquette was absolutely fabulous, as were so many others, when given a good role to play.

  2. You’re right, Mark, there’ve been some great guest stars and minor roles. I’ve always thought that Glenn Close’s character and the other Supreme Court judge guy (can’t remember the actor’s name) would have made a great spin-off series.
    I have to admit, however, that I’m glad WW is cancelled. I’m not a fan of Jimmie Smits.

  3. I know exactly who you’re talking about–but I don’t know his name either. My wife and I refer to him as “Skippy’s Evil Twin,” and when we were watching “Armageddon” this weekend on cable, the same actor plays the bad-ass by-the-book astronaut. Whoever the hell he is, he’s a fine actor. This is a guy with some serious brand issues.

  4. Okay, Lee, it’s up to you to develop and pitch this idea. Yes, they tried to do a Supreme Court series in the past (James Garner wasn’t it?) but it didn’t work. Now one could use the West Wing model: heck, each Judge is a president of their own ideologies, um, kingdoms, um, offices, and they all have interacting staff. Voila. If you could get Glenn Close and whathisname who was also in Contact, it’d be perfect.

  5. Additionally, William Fichtner is currently on Invasion.
    The guy from Friends is Matthew Perry, who, along with the West Wing’s Bradley Whitford and Timothy Busfield and a bunch of other folks, is starring in Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 for next season.
    And the series that revolved around the SCOTUS in which James Garner starred was First Monday.
    And yes, I’m a TV geek – Mark

  6. Mea culpa. Joe Perry? My wife and I, who don’t watch Friends, were going, “Steve Perry? Luke Perry? Matthew Perry? What’s that guy’s name?”
    And I pulled up FItchner on the and see he’s been in a ton of things I’ve seen him on.


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