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BEBwebpageicon There's a new website — Backlist Ebooks — launched by Patricia Ryan and Doranna Durgin that's devoted entirely to previously published, out-of-print books that the authors themselves have made available again on the Kindle. 

Backlist Ebooks is comprised of print-published authors who have re-released our out-of-print backlist titles as reasonably priced ebooks. Our authors include NYT and USA Today bestsellers, as well as those who have won major literary awards–including the Hugo, Nebula, RITA, Romantic Times and more.

You'll find my books there, as well as titles by Julie Ortolon, Lillian Stewart Carl, C.J. Cherryh, Karen French, Libby Fischer Hellman, Patricia Rice and many more. New authors are added everyday. You can also check out Backlist's Facebook page for the latest news.

2 thoughts on “Backlist Ebooks”

  1. Perfect name for the venture, especially since many of us readers out here are actively searching for ways to find things to read without making ourselves targets for marketing efforts by the vanity e-press hoards (think “nice” bulldogs who just want to gnaw on your leg/brain for a teensy little bit so what’s the problem?) It’s getting beyond ridiculous; I’ve started keeping lists of “approved publishers” to use as an aid when shopping (thank you MWA, et al.) By making clear that the stuff Backlist Books is offering has already been professionally vetted and published, you’re letting us know we can breathe a little easier while on that site.

  2. Lee, thanks for the mention! I would have commented sooner, but I was at the Novelists, Inc. conference in St. Pete, where the the buzz was all about author-published backlist titles. Expect our author list to be growing even bigger in the near future. 🙂


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