Battlestar Galactica

The season finale of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was terrific… hands down the best science fiction show on TV in decades…and easily one of the best dramas of any genre on TV this season. It certainly packs more punch per hour than THE WEST WING or LAW AND ORDER have in years.  Watching the show makes me feel like a kid again…it’s one of the few programs I look forward to with fannish glee. It’s also one of the few shows on TV today that’s pure entertainment.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA may also be the first TV remake, on TV or the big screen, that’s far superior to the series that inspired it.  I wasn’t wowed by the initial miniseries, or the first episode or two, but the series got better and better with each episode, ending in a season finale that was exciting, surprising, funny, dramatic and a heck of a lot of fun to watch.

I can’t wait for the new episodes in July…

(PS – How can anybody be clamoring for a loyal remake of the original series after watching this show??)

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  1. Lee,
    I so agree with you. I love that show. Each week I wonder what will happen next. It’s scary, sexy and edgy all at the same time. July seems like forever.

  2. The finale was amazing. The last scene took me completely by surprise! I agree whole heartedly: this is the best SciFi on TV in a very long time. “Babylon 5” was the last show I saw that had this kind of story telling.

  3. Hi Lee,
    I agree with you, Julie and Jim. The storytelling in BSG far exceeds any scifi on tv today. It’s the first scifi series that even comes close to the bar set by JS in B5. I’m waiting for July with bated breath!

  4. A few comments about previous posts–all lumped together. Guess this is my Digest of comments. Just finished a ms. and have that euphoric high that exists when you think you’re a “real writer.” I’ll apologize in advance for rambling. I read you daily (excellent blog) but never reply. (And aren’t you glad?)
    Glad you got Bill Crider’s book on your trip. He’s a friend of mine. If there were any justice in the writing world, his Sheriff Dan Rhodes would have been movie-tized by now.
    Congrats on the Monk gig. Like the show, like Tony S. (his wife too on DH). Ah, I miss Sharona too but like Traylor (loved her on 2 Guys & a Girl) so deal wisely with Monk’s women. (Actually, I liked Diagnosis Murder too.)
    I totally agree about Battlestar–great show, much better than the original. Eagerly waiting the new season. I find myself watching SciFi channel quite often–Stargate because of Richard Dean Anderson’s characterization of O’Neil. They have some great premises for movies but the movie is usually never as good as the premise. Best movie so far? T Rex–what a premise!
    As to Harm and the major? I actually quit watching because of all the contrived reasons to keep them from consummating when each season kept hinting and foreshadowing the event. I mean how can any two supposedly sexual characters in lust/ like/love back away that many times?
    I’ve been surprised by this TV season–lots of good shows. Loved EYES but since it tanked I guess that means they’ll be deader than an armadillo on a Texas highway. Grey’s Anatomy, Numbers, 24 (yeah, yeah nobody can save the world that many times but this season has been fabulous), Jake In Progress, and Tru Calling is back (Yay!).


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