Battlestar Galactica is Back…

…and it may just be the best show on television. The two-hour season opener was stunning. I really admire showrunner Ron Moore for the risks he’s willing to take with his characters and his franchise… and his absolute willingness (more like his zeal) to ignore all of TV’s Star Trek-inspired, scifi conventions. It’s a creative high-wire act and to see him at work is almost as entertaining for me as the show itself.

UPDATE: I think my brother Tod nails it.

Let me just say this once and for all and then we can be done with
it until, yeah, I feel the need to announce it again: Battlestar
Galactica fucking rules. What’s better than:

1. Fat Apollo.

2. Starbuck killing that Cylon and then finishing her dinner…because he’s just coming back in an hour anyway.

6 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica is Back…”

  1. I’m amazed every time I watch an episode of BSG. Amazed because I’ve seen a lot of dreck out there. Sure, there’s some high quality material (Psych, Entourage, Monk, Crossing Jordan etc.) on the airwaves. But Battlestar Galactica goes deeper and darker than any other drama I’ve ever seen on TV. There is no adorable doofus for us viewers to grin and shake our heads at in a moment of comic relief. No strong, handsome and noble hero for us girls to fawn and sigh over. No feather-haired buxom babes with the ever perfect application of lip gloss for the guys to lust after. These folks are real, gritty, complex and tragically flawed. They are everything I see in everyone I know — and that’s the big draw for me.
    Best. Show. Ever.

  2. Battlestar Galactica: Precipice

    There are basically three plot threads going on at this point. First is the insurgency led by Tigh on New Caprica, and the Cylons efforts to squash it. Tighs current tactic is suicide bombings, to which the Cylons respond with imprisonmen…

  3. On Battlestar Galactica Heroic Cylons Battle Vicio

    The heroes are a deeply religious race, called the Cylons, who struggle to bring democratic ideals and Christian values to a planet called New Caprica (Iraq, of course) in the face of an increasingly violent insurgency.

  4. Amazing season premiere. I was a little disappointed in last night’s episode, though. The liberties taken with resequencing (and contradicting outright) the established events at the ravine; the introduction not just of religion and mysticism, but of actual working magic in the form of the seer; and Chief’s magical shave and haircut while his wife was an hour from execution… Still amazing work all over the place, but those things made me feel cheated.
    Maybe there a BLADE-RUNNERish explanation for the seer knowing a Cylon’s dreams, but the continuity contradictions still bothered me.


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