Baywatch coming to DVD

TVShowsonDVD reports that BAYWATCH is coming to DVD…beginning with seasons two and season three. What happened to season one?

The first season of the show, which I worked on as a story editor, aired on NBC (and had a different theme song — Peter Cetera’s "Save Me"). After the show was cancelled, the series was revived in first-run syndication and became the most popular show in the world.

When the series went into reruns, those NBC episodes weren’t part of the package (so much for my dreams of big BAYWATCH residuals) and haven’t been seen in years. Now those first season shows are being billed as "lost episodes," and instead of being released as a set, will be doled out one or two at a time as "bonus features" on the boxed sets of the nine syndicated seasons (I wonder if they will go the cheap route and replace the Peter Cetera theme with the syndicated series theme to avoid paying for licensing). So the only way to get the complete first season is to buy all the other sets. There’s no way in hell I’m going to do that…

3 thoughts on “Baywatch coming to DVD”

  1. We don’t get MAN FROM UNCLE, we don’t get IT TAKES A THIEF, we don’t get 77 SUNSET STRIP or HAWAIIAN EYE or BURKE’S LAW….. but we get BAYWATCH?
    Some things are not even worth swearing about……

  2. Me, I’m looking forward to Boam/Cuse’s Brisco Count Jr in a couple weeks. One of the few shows my dad and I could actually agree on.
    And hey, thanks Lee. Just finished reading Succesful Television Writing. Have any advice for someone who’s actually in Vancouver thinking of going forward in this career that’s focused in LA?


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