Beeb Cuts U.S. Fare

A few days ago, I pointed out that U.S. shows aren't being embraced as warmly as they once were over-seas, mostly because foreign nets don't have the cash to spend. Now the BBC is saying they are cutting back on U.S. fare…but for creative and cultural reasons.

Jay Hunt, who took over as controller of BBC1 around a year ago, will instead continue to invest the bulk of her drama budget in locally produced fare such as "Doctor Who" and high concept hits like "Life on Mars."

 "Part of what the Charter (the BBC's constitution) commits us to is to find the best of world television and showcase it…but my main job in drama is to spearhead real innovation and creativity in original British production. This is something we do day in and day out. We have an incredible drama story on BBC1, with high-concept pieces and period drama."

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  1. If the Beeb wants to leave US imports to Sky, Five or ITV in order to spend more on the Ashes to Ashes or Torchwood of tomorrow this is rather relevant. And money is always a challenge for Brit broadcasters.
    The cultural argument makes sense. Take the Soap Opera genre for instance: local productions such as Corrie or Eastenders are institutions and US products are ignored there. And the current British television line-up is far more attractive than the pathetic US fall season. But don’t worry, they can produce crap too…
    Seriously, with the stellar ratings of BGT Series 3, expect far more Real tv. And concerning the BBC one can wonder if in fact the money will be redeployed on lucrative “brands” such as the Doctor Who franchise.


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