Best Laugh of the Day…

…comes from my friend author Harley Jane Kozak at Lipstick Chronicles.

Those of you who recall my family’s holiday incident, “The Death of Santa,” earlier this month will not be surprised to learn of its domino effect. Last week my 8-year old daughter found an old note from the Tooth Fairy.

“Mommy,” she said, studying it, “this printing looks like yours.”

I said nothing. My daughter looked up at me.

“It’s you!” she yelled. “Again! Every fairy is you, every Claus is you – is God you?”

“No, no,” I said quickly. “I’m not God.”

1 thought on “Best Laugh of the Day…”

  1. My mom not only wrote me notes from Santa,but also crafted a wonderful letter to me from Hopalong Cassidy! Hoppy, my hero, came to Walla Walla. I was so excited to see him! Sadly, I came down with a fever and couldn’t attend. Mom, bless her heart, wrote me a letter from Hoppy expressing his tragic dissapointment over my inability to show up. I knew she wrote it the minute I saw it, but I thought it was so loving of her that I didn’t let on that I knew she did it.


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