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From Sarah Weinman’s wonderful blog, where she does a wrap-up of mystery news across the web…

Dean Koontz, the horror-meister who has never publicly answered for the mysterious reappearance of his hair, answers questions at

Speaking of Koontz… when I wrote my novel MY GUN HAS BULLETS, a spoof of network television, one of the fake TV series that figured prominently in the book was FRANKENCOP.. the best parts of a dozen dead cops put together to make one incredible crimefighter.

It was a joke. Silly me, I should have tried to sell it.

Koontz has teamed up with Martin Scorcese to do a cop show for USA Network. The cop is Frankenstein.

Steven Bochco apparently is smarter than me. In his novel, DEATH BY HOLLYWOOD, there’s a fake TV series about a blind cop called (what else?) BLIND JUSTICE that figures prominently in the plot. He must have really liked the idea… because BLIND JUSTICE just made it on ABC’s new fall schedule.

3 thoughts on “Best Laugh of the Day”

  1. Ah, they’re reworking “Longstreet,” are they? Wonder if he’ll have a dog with him.
    Don’t feel too bad about Frankencop, you could have come up with an idea for a show about singing cops.

  2. Actually, Koontz came clean about his hair plugs several years ago in an ABC interview. Said he knew that he was getting older, but felt he looked older than he felt, so he shaved off the moustache and got hair plugs. Said he’s never tried to hide them because anyone with an old copy of one of his books would notice a lack of hair.


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