Best Wishes to Ed Gorman

Author, editor, and publisher Ed Gorman reports on his  must-read blog that he’s about to undergo radiation treatment in his battle against cancer.

I noted a while back that I wouldn’t be commenting on my health unless things
changed. I’m about to go through three five day weeks of radiation therapy. I’ll
work in the morning and have my radiation session in the afternoon. I’m hoping
to get 1,000 words a day done on my book so I don’t fall out of its rhythm. But
I won’t have the energy for the blog. So I’m doing Blog’s Greatest Hits, pieces
by contributor’s that I thought were particularly noteworthy. And if anybody
wants to submit anything original, I’ll be very grateful to run it. Thanks,

So please send Ed your best wishes and if you’ve got some thoughts on publishing or the mystery genre, send him a post for his blog, too.

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