Big Island Film Fest Day 4

IMG_0372 REMAINDERED screened today and received a very enthusiastic reaction from the audience. That was nice, but I have to say we're up against some stiff competition. I've seen a lot of great shorts this week…and every single one that I saw today was very well done, particularly THIEF, about a little boy who befriends a young Saddam Hussein in 1959 and then comes face-to-face with him again in 2003. It's not going to be easy for the judges or the audience to pick a best short from among so many fine films. 

Before the screening, I spent some time on the beach. I glanced to my left and was startled to see Harlan Coben staring back at me. Alas, it was not the man himself but his enormous photo on the back of a hardcover book that a tourist was reading. I took a picture of the tourist, which I emailed to Harlan, then chatted with the guy, who was very nice. He's a salesman for a big drug company that is rewarding its best reps with an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii that also includes elaborate banquets by the beach, tons of free tours & activities, cash money for expenses, and goodie bags in their rooms each day stuffed with things like Raybans and cameras. I should have been a Viagra salesman instead of a writer. 218690_10150187709728930_542928929_6771668_5218408_o

After the screening, I drove up to Waimea to Huli Sue's Barbeque. Their ribs aren't bad but what  I really went up there for was their incredible Banana Cream pie…which may just be the best Banana Cream Pie on earth.  

Then it was back to the Fairmont Orchid, where I hunkered down to work on MONK…well, that was the intent, instead here I am writing this post.

Tomorrow is the Golden Honu Awards Brunch, a concert, and the Best of the Fest screening. In between, I'm going to try to squeeze in some more lazing around.


2 thoughts on “Big Island Film Fest Day 4”

  1. Lee,
    After reading your reports from Hawaii, you should rename your blog, “Ah, A Writer’s Life.”
    A number of years ago, my fiance and I went to Hawaii due to her company’s generosity and her incredibly hard work. One night we drove deep into the island of Hawaii to a remote rustic restaurant that was really in the middle of no where. Great food but we were eating by 11 pm and kids were sleeping under the tables… and that’s when I had a Famous Author experience.
    Two tables away was Stephen J. Cannell…. can you believe it? At this out-of-the-way restaurant? Cool stuff… but I didn’t have the stones to approach him and tell him how much I enjoyed his work…
    — Brendan
    P.S. Again, thanks for your help the past couple of weeks.

  2. Brendan,
    It’s a shame you didn’t approach Steve…he would have been flattered and, when he learned you were a novelist, would have probably invited you to join him. Steve was the most approachable, easy-going guy you’d ever meet, despite his wealth and success.


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