4 thoughts on “Bizarre Question of the Day”

  1. The rejection letter goes something such as this:
    Dear Ms XXX:
    We only represent books about Jewish psychic detectives. Your protagonist, according to Chapter Three, was a foundling child raised by Jews. However, as there is no documentation that your protagonist’s birth mother was Jewish, we cannot in good faith represent your book. I suggest you consult an agent who only represents books about Reform, Sephardic and/or non matrilinial Jewish psychic detectives. Thank you for your interest.
    Niche & Niche, Ltd. Literary Agents

  2. Sounds like you should have referred her to Harlequin… Then they’d refer her to Dell’Arte, and the world would finally get the “great Jewish psychic detective” novel we’ve been waiting for…
    Wait. Is Monk Jewish? Or psychic?
    This brings to mind that a few months ago, CBS ran ads touting their Friday night lineup – Medium “She solves crimes with her dreams” / Ghost Whisperer “She has dead people help her fight crime” / Num3ers “He uses his mind to solve crime.” Which just cracked me up whenever I saw it. Can’t get more woo-woo than using your mind to fight crime.


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