Lee_with_haggis2 Greetings from Cologne, where I spoke today at the Cologne TV conference about how the "American" approach to writing and producing series could be applied to German programming. But the highlight of the day for me was having a chance to chat with Paul Haggis for a while about James Bond, his experiences in network TV, and his short time on WALKER TEXAS RANGER (which he co-created). He expanded on those subjects later in his interview on stage at the conference and also told some very funny stories about developing FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS and EZ STREETS. I had a lot of fun, made some good contacts, and am looking forward to attending the German TV awards on Saturday (their version of the Emmys).

2 thoughts on “Bonding”

  1. So Lee, how can American writing and producing methods add to the european production/ business model?
    And what does the european model add to the equation?
    Do you see this occuring more often: co-productions and so forth?


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