2 thoughts on “Bookwise is Bookdead”

  1. Yay!!! It’s great news when any of these outfits bites the dust!!
    And speaking of that: Linda Daly at Light Sword Publishing has added a new person to her staff. Pat Scalici is her new ‘President'(now I wonder how much THAT cost??). Scalici is, in fact, a Light Sword author who writes under a pen name.
    The brain surgeons at LSP have screwed Ms Scalici’s bio up, too. Of course, they probably didn’t want to make it look any different than the others on the ‘About Us’ page. Marie Bailey’s ideals are still ‘deeply seated within her psychic’. And the editor’s bio is a perfect example of how to make a paragraph unintelligible by the use of incomplete sentences.
    But I digress; the fact of the matter is that Linda Daly and LSP Digital make no mention on their pages that they are in deep legal and financial difficulties. They continue to give the impression that everything is business as usual. It’s not.
    Thanks, Lee, for continuing to post about LSP and LSP Digital along with scams and incompetencies, everywhere. Do you wear your raincoat when you write about scams?


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