Boring Sex

_1189052226 TELL ME YOU LOVE ME is supposed to be oh-so-racy, raw and edgy…but the show is so ponderously dull and heavy-handed that even the sex scenes are boring. A very clever friend of mine had the best comment about the sex scenes:

They’re so bad I can watch them with my wife.

3 thoughts on “Boring Sex”

  1. I feel sorry for your friend’s wife if that’s how he talks about her. If he could watch them with his mother, maybe, but who wants her husband talking like she’s his mother?

  2. Wow, if this show didn’t ever miss its audience…
    It seems to have divided people into two camps:
    Those who think that it is disgusting that it has too much sex in it.
    And those who don’t think that there is enough sex/that the sex in it isn’t sexy enough.
    My girl and I are watching and enjoying it. The pace of it is a little slow, and the sex certainly isn’t showy or superficial. But, you know, we’ve got the internet for porn, if we want it, and the other shows we’re watching at the moment are so hyperactive that the change of pace is fine, when we fancy it.
    What I find a little disingenious, though, is that the show’s creator is claiming that she didn’t consider the sex as unusual or likely to cause a stir at all.
    I understand why aesthetically or creatively one might choose to approach the sex frankly and without artifice. But to pretend you don’t know that full-frontal nudity and shots of apparent penetration aren’t going to draw all the wrong kinds of attention is false. No-one is that naive. When Michael Winterbottom made “9 Songs”, I doubt very much he tried to claim that he didn’t know how far he was pushing audience sensibilities with the genuine sex scenes.
    I tend to think the show isn’t really aimed at the porn crowd, and if it is being marketed as sexy in the US, it is being marketed badly.


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